06 September 2008

Cultural traditions

November 1, 1895.
Sunday Afternoon in Gosford


Sir, – I think the subject on which I wish to write a few lines is of sufficient public importance to request you to publish the following. I was an eye witness (unobserved) to the most villainous attacks on two ladies this afternoon by a number of youths and young men (pardon my abusing the word “men”) congregated in front of a small shop in the main street. A lady walked quietly up the street; as she did so, these fellows commenced whistling and calling out something offensive (the whole of which I could not make out). Next a young girl came along and after her they whistled and literally yelled. How many more they attacked, I did not wait to see.
Where are your policemen on Sunday? Or have you any? In my professional capacity, I have visited the worst and lowest parts of London, New York, Sydney and other places, but anything like this I have never witnessed. I was thankful I had not to bring my family to reside in such a community and glad I shall be able to shake the dust of Gosford from my feet, upon the arrival of the 7.35p.m. train.
Hoping I have not trespassed too much on your valuable space. Yours &c.,

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