19 January 2008

Bull stomps on rider.
Express Advocate 16th January, 2008.

Report of injuries to a bull rider at a Rodeo at Kanwal.

More so an everyday occurrence in Gosford in the past. Perhaps Gosford Council could keep bull riding in mind when asking for suggestions for “passive” activities for Kibble Park. Is a “passive” activity in this case an oxymoron?

Gosford Times, January, 1898
A bull said to be the property of Mr. C C Fagan, at present running loose about the town, is playing up with disastrous effects. In a fight at East Gosford this week it gored one young bull to death and seriously injured another. It is also alleged to have chased several children. Surely it is high time our civic authorities did something to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from danger of this kind. No more convincing argument could be advanced in favour of the establishment of a pound.

Gosford Times Feb. 1998
Whilst a dead bullock was being removed from a truck at the local railway station on Wednesday night another bullock escaped and got clear of the station enclosure. The furious beast is still at large.

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