02 August 2007

Lets face it

The faces of Gosford.
How things change in two months.

From Bad To Worse
(Gosford City Sun, May 17, 2007)

Photo: Phillip Hearne
"Homelessness has escalated from bad to worse" Mr Maher (the Mayor) said.
"..the failure of governments to provide money for housing has led to the homelessness blowout...with low-income earners unable to afford housing locally, the effects on their livelihoods will be brutal.

Mayor: chamber worth every cent of $519,000
(Express Advocate 13 July, 2007)

Photo: Troy Snook
"When I look at it now, we can actually hold events such as the citizenship ceremony with some level of dignity and decorum. It is now much brighter and more befitting of a city the stature of Gosford"

[I am rather sorry I missed the earlier undignified ceremonies conducted without decorum]

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Sharyn said...

.. The Council are not the only ones flaunting material comforts at the expense of shelters. Each time I pass by the newly built Woy Woy Monstrosity, I wonder at the priorities of the Catholic Church.