05 February 2007

Frogs Targeted

Frogs targeted in ex-stream education programme for Gosford

An ambitious plan has been announced to drought-proof water-dependent species threatened by the drying climate predicted in recent scientific studies.

The education program, led by graduates from the Aron School for Frogs in Sweden, will seek to teach survival skills and strategies to frogs in Gosford.

As human population in Gosford and the region expands to fuel economic growth, inevitably there will be increased water consumption.

It is anticipated that there will be a drying out of surface water, not only from temperature increases and lower rainfall, but also from the harvesting of run-off and depletion of groundwater by public and private interests. Surface water from rainfall and aquifers provides the water needed for the breeding of amphibians such as frogs. It is predicted that there will an increase in bushfire intensity as the vegetation dries, posing a further threat to juvenile and adult frogs.

The School for Frogs, founded by Swedish artist Aron Fleming Falk “aims to provide the animals with life-saving knowledge. The education offered to them is focused on different ways to build dams, move water and water purification, as well as how to build tunnels to get under roads that cross their path. The frogs get also courses in human behaviour, human economics, how to build windmills and waterwheels to produce power, art, music and philosophy.”

In Gosford the programme will be adapted to include dry-land farming methods, emergency fire planning, dry skin prevention and in-Coca Cola reproductive technology.

The Swedish instructors will be joined by local staff who worked on the program conducted by Synapse Art Initiatives at Mangrove Mountain teaching aesthetics, cultural theory and deportment to domestic ducks.

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Anonymous said...

How does one go about enrolling one's frogs into this comprehensive school?