13 December 2006

Gosford Market Day

Market Day (Thursday) 2006

"Market Day in Gosford Town"

by "Uloola" for the Gosford Times – 23rd December,1904.

Yes, I goes to Gosford sometimes, as a rule on Market Day,
When the town is summat woke up, and is busy like and gay,
Usually it’s dead as mutton, all you see along the street
Is a bit of wind-blown paper and the copper on his beat.
But there's lots of carts and people trav'lin' up and trav’lin’ down
That old dusty thoroughfare on Market Day in Gosford town

You will hear old gray-beard fellers hail each other jest like kids:
"Hullo, Jim!" "That you. Harry?" and straightway each the other bids
"Come and wash the bloomin’ dust down": then about the crops they talk:
"How's yer beans? And how's yer ‘taters?" Not too good by a long chalk,
Wish these hot winds all to blazes - wish some rain'd come peltin' down!"
Crops and weather shape the talk on Market Day in Gosford Town.

Mrs. Jolliffe's kept a’goin’, grist comes to the Ferntree's mill
"Union" Jack, too, like his namesake, proudly waves above them still.
For most chaps all have their liquor, hot or cold, or calm or storm —
One day it's to wash the dust down, next day it's to keep 'em warm!
Holy Joes may frown displeasure, careless coves may slyly wink,
But by thunder! It's a queer day when there's no excuse to drink!

See that red light in the roadway, underneath a rusty hat
That's a nose! And our brave Captain claims the ownership of that.
Eloquently he's explainin' to an audience of one
All about the town's shortcomin's – tellin’ how things SHOULD be done.
Heaps and heaps of civic wisdom, lost upon the common clown
Does the Captain spread around on Market Day in Gosford Town.

Yes, I like to go to Gosford now and then on Market Day
When the beer is flowin' freely and things look alive and gay -
Like to hear the old chaps talkin' ‘bout their ‘taters and their beans
And the prospects of the season – wond’rin’ what the weather means!
Yes, there’s fun in watchin' others, who, like you, have cares to drown,
And there's food for lots of thought on Market Day in Gosford Town.

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